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De La Haye

4, Nicola Mews

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After many years of interest in Amatuer Radio, and befriending some licenced radio operators, I spent years as an Short Wave Listener. My interest in Radio came to the fore when CB radio took off in the early days, but the Morse test became an insurmountable barrier to me getting a licence to work HF.

Many years pass and now the Morse is no longer compulsory and I am now making progress at becoming a fully licenced amateur raqdio operator.

One of my favourite pastimes is working data modes, and you will often see me working stations on 40 & 20m using BPSK31 and BPSK63. I am also dabbling with SSTV and other data modes when other stations allow. I am also fiddling with and trying to get WSPA to work at the moment.

I am an avid musician, having been a professional DJ for many years in pubs & clubs and also have spent time as a radio presenter. I still broadcast specialist music shows on an internet radio station and below is a picture of my studio. Always the frustrated musician, I have learnt ot play bass guitar in the past 9 years and have played in many bands, in many styles, including Blues, Classic Rock andHeavy Metal. I am now in a signed Heavy Metal Band and am recording the bands 3rd album.

The home shack is very much work in progress and is being added too on an almost weekly basis. My Amateur Radio equipment shares space in my Broadcast Radio Studio, from which I broadcast a weekly rock radio show. The antenna farm is very much at the mercy of the XYL, but I have managed to string up a half size G5RV for HF, which is currently no more than 6ft off the ground, a Collinear for 2m and 70cm and a vertical that works for 10 meters. The first radio was an ICOM IC-706 but that is now installed in my van as a mobile, now I have the IC-746 as a basestation.

I have four daughters from previous relationships plusnine grandchildren, and a fiance that have absolutely no interest in amateur radio, which keep my feet firmly grounded.

My other interests include Diving, Flying, Fishing, Ice & In-Line Hockey and cooking!

I have recently passed my Intermediate licence exam, which has culminated with this new callsign and I continue to work towards my full licence, which I hope to gain later in the year.

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