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2E0GHX's page


296 Turkey Road, Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex

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Steve, 2E0GHX from England.


I am based in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex having been brought up in Surrey and East Sussex through my life. I currently live in Bexhill on Sea which is just a stones throw away from the '1066 Country' of Battle near Hastings which was the spiritual home of John Logie-Baird the inventor of television who spent some years developing the TV before retiring to Bexhill, not far from the De La Warr Pavillion.

I have always had a strong interest in computing, some programming, graphics design and electronics but amateur radio did not 'click' with me until 2012 fully when I decided to take my Foundation licence and shortly afterward my Intermediate licence.

I now operate HF datamodes from home using an FT450-D with a 66ft G Whip Widebander antenna on 10/20 and 30m mostly PSK though am always looking for Feld Hellers and QSO's in the other modes which are somewhat hard to find than the PSK's. Recently started using a 68 foot doublet mounted in the loft with zig-zag end loading through a new MFJ 969E balanced/unbalanced AMU.

My primary interest in amateur radio is antenna design and since starting my AR interests have made several antennas including a few 2m/70cm verticals, Moxons and so on. EZNEC is very much a work in progress as I get to grips with the software and antenna design principles. Also learning Morse with the help of fellow Fists CW members and others from the Hastings Electronics Radio Club.

I am a member of the Hastings Electronics and Radio Club which is just 15 minutes away from my QTH in Bexhill and enjoy meeting new amateurs on the air, web and face to face, including the many who I met at the recent Sussex Electronics Radio Fair SERF in Eastbourne on 7th July earlier this year.

You may like to visit my club or personal sites to find out more:

Hastings Electronics and Radio Club (Twitter / Facebook)

Amateur Radio Ham

If you would like to find out a bit more about me, please visit my QRZ page here: , I update the page once every few weeks in a bloggish style format.

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