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Charlie Delta Amateur Radio Club. 52

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thank you for visiting my qrz page, my name is andy and im located in the sedgley QTH of the west midlands, IO82WM, central station is just located off the beacon of which is around 777 feet / 236.83 mtrs above sea level, this is to be reputed to be the highest point of land between sedgley and the ural mountains in russia 2400 miles to the far east,To the west of my station is the mainly rural county of Shropshire, while to the east is the Industrial area of the South Staffordshire Black Country, I have been interested in radio from the age of 12 yrs using am cb, early 80`s legal uk fm and 11mtr ssb, slowly progressed to swl,hf,vhf and uhf. I like to experiment with wire/dipole antennas and older valve radios etc. I hope sometime in the future to take my M0 licence but for now im happy to be where i have achieved. I mainly use 40m 20m & 10 mtr bands, so maybe catch you further down the log, best 73 Andy 2e0rbl.

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