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2I0KUJ's page


71 Willowfield Street
BT6 9AW Belfast
Northern Ireland

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 Hi everyone 

I am 1970y born man, I am licensed on Xmas 2016y Fundation Licence. I am from Poland but  I live in Belfast from 2006y.

My adventure with Ham Radio has started many years ago, when I was 16y, I am a member of SP1KYB Radio Club in town Kolobrzeg. On 1998y I made my first novice licence, but I never start work on air, my callsign on that time is SQ1EIS.

And after many years that hobby came back to me, and I find friends from MN0VFW Radio Club, and they help me to make my Foundation License.

I hope to make fast full licence :)) 73!! to all.

Now I start fascinate of Digital Mode ,really easier to make QSO with DX station.

I am regisred to , of course

QSL cards directly or via

PS. Edited by my daughter Julia 12y, her english is so excellent

Hello again

On 23 march 2017 I make pass my egsam to Intermediate Licence

today 04 april 2017 I get my next callsign 2I0KUJ.

I hope soon I will make Advance Licence.

73!! 2I0KUJ TOM

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