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9J2BS's page


Mufulira Boating Club
Copperbelt Province

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As many fellow radio amateurs, my interest in radio started way back in the mid 1970’s when Citizen Band radios were introduced in South Africa, unfortunately due to studies and work I could never pursue the hobby to the extent that I do today.  

I am privileged to reside at the Mufulira Boating Club since March 2016 which is situated approximately 10 km North of Mufulira town centre. The town itself (Mufulira – Place of Abundance), 350 km North of the capital Lusaka, was or is a typical mining town which was established in the 1930’s during the discovery of the rich copper deposits in the area.

The Mufulira Boating Club is also an excellent location for a DX expedition with all the necessary conveniences.

I am limited to wire antennas as the club is a restricted wildlife area situated in a typical Miombo woodland. These consist of a ZS6BKW version of the G5RV, a 160m EFHW long wire and a 40m full-size Delta Loop all of which are approximately 13m to 15m in the trees. (These were installed using a Mavic Pro drone)

I use a Kenwood 590 and Icom 7100 from home and a Kenwood 480 with a Little Tarheel II, fitted with a 56” whip whilst mobile.

I return to South Africa on an irregular basis, and when in South Africa I reside in Melville, Johannesburg, operating with the South African callsign ZS6JBS.

I am an active member of the ARRL and SARL.

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