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401 E 8th St, Suite 214-2197
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
United States

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Formerly WA3LCO. Retired Merchant Marine Master Radio Electronics Officer and sailed the high seas as a Radio Officer and Master Radio Electronics Officer. Hobbies include radio control airplanes and drones, working on my Jeep, and RV travel. QCWA member, Geritol Net member, Old Timers Club member and previous MARS operator while on active duty at AA1KBO. I was a member of the Society of Wireless Pioneers until it disbanded. Was active on the Maritime Mobile Net, East Cars, and Geritol. Member of FMCA-ARC. Charter Member of Wattsburg Wireless Association and previous WWA President.

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Welcome to KE2ABM
VK4GMI: You have worked Lithuania. Just reached 53 countries!


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