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AL7KT's page


1107 Glendevon Circle
United States

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 Hello Everyone! I am AL7KT Albert N. Milliron

I have a Icom IC-756 Pro II, Icom IC-7300 into a  3.55Mhz Horizontal Loop and a 150' Vertical Delta Loop, . I enjoy rag chewing on 80 Meters during the evening and chasing DX. Recently I added WSPR, FT8

I also work LEO FM Satellites via an Arrow and an HT on SO-50, AO-27, and ISS GridSquare is EM94nd

I won the CQWW 10 Meter Contest from Alaska in 1992

I work the CQ WPX,  CQ WW and ARRL Sweepstakes contests.  I will be glad to be a guest operator at a Multi-Transmitter, Multi-Operator Position.  Just Ask!

I was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska from 1988-1992 and worked at the Community Mental Health Serice as a Behavioral Science Specialist and was part of a research team studying Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

I kept the Alaska Callsign due to its rarity ( and it helps breaking through pileups ) I know it's an unfair advantage, but when you only operate with 100 watts, you need to have some advantage over the 'Big Guns'  Honesty, the loop does pretty good in its own but that 'AL7' catches interest.    

I am the Editor at Large of  PolitiSite 'Politisite Means Politics' 

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