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DB6LL's page

Hartmut (Ham)

Amselstieg 68
25421 Pinneberg
Fed. Republic of Germany

QSL via:
Bureau, Direct mail, eQsl    

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Hopefully, you are looking me up because you hear / see me on the air!


Please call me by my nickname Ham. I was born in 1961, licenced since 1976. I have made a radio break from 1981 till the beginning of 2012.

SSB and CW do not belong to my preferences, with very rare exceptions I am not on air in these modes. I prefer the digital modes.

Because the digital modes are low-power operating modes, I will transmit with a maximum power of 50 watts. I use and have no aditional amplifier.

If you can not hear me when I call you, then you have too much output power :-( - and this is often the case.
Perhaps this is the explanation, why I have listened so far only American and Japanese HAMs at 50 MHz and did not reach ...

If I answer your CQ-call in FT8, JT65 or JT9 please do not forget to send a "RRR" or , "RR73" otherwise our QSO is invalid. It is simple: No "RRR" or no "RR73", no QSL-Card.

Another thing that is important to me: It is in my opinion a bad habit to respond to a CQ-call with the report immediately. After my CQ-call, I expect your callsign and your locator.
Again, it is quite simple: No locator no QSO.

And please, please do not be so rude and finish our QSO without 73! So much time you should have for our QSO.

Note, tip: If you use JTAlert from Laurie, VK3AMA, please click on "Receiving Text Messages" in the settings (Web Services). So you can receive text messages from other JTAlert-users (for example, from me :-) ).

Caravan camping in Barum in lower saxony, Locator JO53ei, is one of my other hobbies. Some times you can hear / see me portable from the campsite.

We already had a contact? Please feel free to call me again.

I do not collect QSL cards anymore. But if you send me your QSL card, I would be happy to send you my QSL card.

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