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52428 Juelich
Fed. Republic of Germany

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Thank you for visiting my website!

 I am a child of the 60s and since early childhood the topic of electronics, audio and radio has fascinated me and has not let go. I got my first experience in electronics with philips kits such as EE10xx. Soon this was replaced by the replica of freely wired soldered circuits, including small VHF and HF transmitters. In the neighborhood there was a shortwave listener who regularly listened to Radio Quito in the Andes with his Grundig satellite radio and his long-wire antenna and he monthly wrote reception reports according to the SINPO system and sent them to South America. After the radio broadcasts I was allowed to listen to the strange voices on the 40m ham band for a while. They sounded so strange, because I didn't know at the time what single-sideband modulation was.

 After a short time with CB radio, I acquired my amateur radio license with the call sign DG3KAH at the age of 14. There are other radio amateurs in my family, but they are no longer active. By listening to shortwave with my father, it didn't take long and I expanded my license class to be able to be active on shortwave as well. In memory of my father Dieter, DL1KAA (silent key), I have been active on shortwave again since 2020.

 QSL please by or LOTW or eMail or directly, NO QSL via the office please!

vy 73 de Ralf, DH3KR DMR UID 2629687

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Some impressions of my hometown and surrounding:

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