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Adolfstr. 102
45468 Muelheim
Fed. Republic of Germany

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Thanks for visiting my hrdlog page!

My interest in radio began when I was 8 years old. I was fascinated by the strange signals that I could get with an old tube radio on mediumwave and shortwave. Five years later I happened to receive a German broadcast from Radio Canada International; they explained how to write a reception report and that got me started to become a regular shortwave listener and DXer.

In 1974 I joined the German DX club ADDX and expanded my listening activities to Utility stations and ham radio. For many years my special interest was listening to local stations on the so called tropical bands, 60/90 and 120 m. Later I worked as an editor for the ADDX, some years I was active as a Deputy Editor in Chief for the magazine Kurier (later: Radio-Kurier).

In 1986 I got my amateur radio callsign DJ6JZ. My main interest has always been to work DX on the shortwave bands. When I was a student I already worked in a local ham radio store and since then radio became an important part of my professional carreer. I worked for several leading German distributors and manufacturers and was involved in customer support for SDR receivers and transceivers as well as in lectures and demonstrations at trade fairs in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

Since 2015 I am active as a regular editor of the German amateur radio magazine FUNKAMATEUR, with focus on SDR technology and software.

Beside amateur radio I am interested in Blues, Cajun and Folk music; I have been playing in various bands as a harmonica player. In 2004 I made a Blues travel through 12 states of the USA.

CUAGN on shortwave!
Willi, DJ6JZ

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