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Bushrod Island, Barnersville

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 CQ CQ CQ, this is Eco Lima 2 Bravo Golf calling CQ and standing by. I am a Life Member and the president of the Liberia Radio Amateur Association (LRAA), a member of The River City Amateur Radio Communications Society of Sacramento, CA, a member of North Florida Amateur Radio Society (NOFARS) of Jacksonville, Florida and a member of ARRL.

I have two additional call signs. The call signs of 9L1HR from Sierra Leone and KI6YIP from Sacramento, CA since being an operator in 1978. I now reside in Liberia, Eco Lima Land and do pro bono work for the Government and people of Liberia, West Africa. I am a civil engineer and have been working in the engineering field since 1983. 

My working condition consists of a Yaesu FT-857, an AT-100ProII antenna tuner, a G5RV dipole antenna and an Alinco DM-330FX power supply.

I am an amateur photographer and a student pilot. I love the outdoors and enjoy travelling all over the world. That is my story and I am listening in for all the DX lovers to find me on all Bands. If I am on the air in a pileup and you realize that I have dropped out of the face of the earth because you don’t hear me anymore, it means that my power is off and my source of electricity has cut off. Please note that I use a little generator that needs to be fueled and I am out of fuel for the night; moreover, you may not get responses from me within record time because the Internet goes off for weeks on end.

Telephone: Whatsapp/IMO: (+231-880-438-223 / +231-776-686-077) / +231-555-211-976 / +19167065550

Skype: babyrich

Twitter: @el2bg

Personal blog: -

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Thanks to KD9DIF
DO1MSK: You have worked Azores. Just reached 65 countries!


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