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22 rue de blequin

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Bureau, eQsl    

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  • eQSL:  Automatic upload* on new QSO:
Administrateur à l'ARAN59, membre de F8KKH RCNF mon radioclub ainsi que du REF.


  •  Logs Automatic upload* on new QSO:

                          * upload via the   software.

Digital Mode :


  • QRV / Standby on :

 Repeater "F1ZJW" (LILLE DMR) or on my homebrew MMDVM repeater in DMR Mode  F4HOT @Marquette-lez-Lille   

=> Talk Group :  "Les amis du Nord" : "TG 20859"   /  TG 2087 : "Hauts de France" most of the time,

and often on TG 20811 the DMR Gateway "YSF France",  the Tech - Geek's  DMR / C4FM   ;) 

or others TG like our TG 208 "French national TG" ,  Francophone "TG 937" ...



  • Live logbook from HRDLOG.NET  &  CLUBLOG.ORG :

  • QSO Map Since July 2015:




  • Bio


I've dicovered the Ham Radio activity with a family friend who was Hamradio "Jean-Marie" F4EMZ (sk), so I begun the radio, as a SWL when i was 13 years old and the life will go on....I stopped radio activity in 2002 when i started to work. 

I've restarted the HAM Radio Study in March 2015 on advices from OM as ON3YP, ON3DT, ... and i did the "HAREC" exam  (full french ham license ) in the begining of July 2015 !

Thanks to my RadioClub: The Radio Club of the North of France "RCNF",(QRZ: F8KKH, ),  for all lessons given to me.

?BR,have nice QSO,73's from Arnaud, F4HOT "

  • Conditions de trafic QRA:

- TRX base:   ICOM IC-7300 (07/2017), Yaesu FT-991 (10/2016), before 2016 , I used a Kenwood TS-480 , sometimes I like switch on a old FT-707 smiley , 

- TRX pocket :  Hytera PD-785G, PD-365; Yaesu FT-2D; Kenwood TH-F7; Wouxoun UV-8D; Intek and other chineese like UV-5R...

- TRX Mobile/Portable : Yaesu FT-857d + LDG YT-100 & Hytera MD-785GH.

- DMR & C4FM (YSF&FCS) Gateway:   from a DV4mini /  Link hotspot via Raspi3 & MMDVMHost + DVMEGA / RPi Zero + MMDVM HS-Hat

* I 've made a Homebrew MMDVM repeater

- Mics: Icom SM-6 / Kenwood MC-80 / Adonis - InRadio IN-908, an old Zetagi MB+4 . and  a wireless microphone from President: a "Liberty mic" modify to be connect on Kenwood RJ45 type.

- Ant. HF :   # G5RV  (half size, the most often used , in permanent* place on the pulley) 

* sometimes or in expedition mode, some dipole, longwire 25m with a UnUn 1:9 ,  T2FD (W3HH) small (2x3.5m) for 14-50Mhz & a medium for 7-50Mhz , 

          10/12/15/17m :   Solarcon  I-Max-2000    (vertical antenna).

?- Ant. VHF / UHF : Diamond V-2000. (6m/2m/70cm) in attic and a X-200 (2m/70cm) Outside @8m 

- ATU: MFJ 993B + Remote + Interface FT-991 & IC-7300.

- Sound interface: SB-2000 mk2, connected on a USB audio interface : a Terratec - Aureon 5.1 MKII 

- Software : Log4OM for the phonie and  Ham Radio Delux V5. + DM780 - JT65 for digital mode .

- Shake / Antenna :

My modest shake in 2015 - 2016, Thanks to my YL who give a space for Hamradio





And since this Summer '2017 my New IC-7300 take place in the Shake:




**** Antenna ****

The pulley / la poullie & the X-200  (V/U)                                                         G5RV & I-Max 2000 (HF)



G5RV (half)  in "slooper" configuration,  from 8m (pulley) to 3m from ground .





The Diamond V2000 (50-144-430 Mhz)  in the attic / grenier.


My both T2FD / ( W3HH ) OM Made. :  

sometimes I replace G5RV by this. ( it's the small one, 14-50Mhz,)          and the second one a medium W3HH / T2FD : 2x 7m (reality: 2x14m = folded dipole for 7-50Mhz ) :

sometimes i replace the logwire by a OM antenna, a T2FD ( W3HH) for 7-29 (50 w ATU) Mhz   



- Photos from "portable" mode: 


* Summer 2015:

Diamond X200N (2m/70cm) @5m from ground.                                        


       W3HH - T2FD (HF / 7-50Mhz)



my small shake in the mobil-home 2015/2016/2017:

     summer 2017:


** Summer 2017:

New test with a half G5RV, verry good result on 20 & 40 m

Summer 2018: New Car, Same condition @ Caravan Mobil-home near Dunkerque /  ON Borders:




- RCFB  19/07/2015, a long W3HH/T2FD:  from radiodxcenter shop, model: ITA-LCB, it's a 2x11m with all HF Band covered:

Older Mobile Condition (My previous car):


- For V/U analogic & digital mode: Diamond NR-770-R (V/U with pivot 90° angle),  NR-770S (small V/U), or a small magnetic V/U,  DP-NR2C  (2m VHF Diamond Antenna 6/8)

- for HF/6m:  ATAS120A with offset arm, to be in right with local law (not hide the car identity) drive by a FT-857D.

& HF Helicoidal antenna (ProHam) 40, 20, 12m... in "parking" mobile.


73's from F4HOT, Bye :) Arnaud.


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