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 I started off in Amateur Radio all the way back in 1977 with the help of my neighbour Bruce Davies G8KKS (a former member of BDARC). Armed with a Daiwa SR9 receiver and a dipole in the bedroom, I started to explore the exciting world of radio.

I took my examinations and became licenced with the Callsign G6ZKP (affectionatlely know as Zoo Keepers Pet!) and 6 months later I got the G4 call after making the trip to Portishead to take the then PO Morse test tutored by Roy G4IUX

You can find me on most of the amateur bands, more common modes I love to use are CW and PSK on 40m and 20.  I have recently re-learned the morse so please be patient with me if you hear me on the air as I tend to send slow morse in the region of 12 to 15wpm.

I started my path in commercial radio a long time in 1988 4 years after I was licenced with a Hospital Radio station BHBN in Birmingham.  I was working with the likes of Johnny Gould, Phil Upton and Les Ross and after that I ran Radio Alex, another hospital station in Redditch for a few years. I gained an awful lot of experience and knowledge in that time. From there I went on to be the voice of Traffic and Travel in the Midlands working on both AA Roadwatch and Trafficlink, I presented travel on virtually all the Midlands radio stations, both independent local radio as well as all the BBC stations in the Midlands and beyond.  Also I was one of the inaugural presenters on Rugby FM presenting Sunday Breakfast and the Love Zone.

Working in radio is one of the best things that happened in my life – I have presented every kind of programme going from breakfast shows to love zones on Community Radio stations, local radio ones too as well as where I started in Hospital Radio. You can find me on air every week on Atlantic RNI part of the legend Radio North Sea International - tune into from 6pm UK time at or download the Tune In Radio app from Google Play or the App Store - I'll be presenting my series of “The Retro Cafe", all the hits and headlines from years gone by, also new for 2015 a feature called Seventies, Eighties, Nineties where I ask my listeners to email in their top record from each decade, if you fancy your top 3 being played then feel free to get in touch.  I am a member of the Wythall Amateur Radio Club and favourite bands include 40m, 20, 15, 2m and 70cms.  

Also you can catch me on 2 and 70 from home and in the car.

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