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58 Wells Gardens
ss14 3qs

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I started with cb in 1979 then become a ham in 1993 as g7oed. In 1999 I took the 12wpm morse code test and become m0clz.

I qsl via the buro, direct (no sae/irc etc) and eqsl, I would love to use lotw but they want a copy of my passport or driving license posted to them so I will not join. Have the arrl not heard of identity theft ???

As of 25th September 2015 I no longer use M0CLZ only this callsign.

I am mainly active on jt65 but also dabble with most modes especially digital modes, current main radio is an IC-7100.

I am also a member of the Essex DX Group it is a small group who go to the local high spot to operate radio without qrn. There are 3 of use and we all use FT817 radios, For antennas we have 2 buddipoles and a variety of knocked together antennas varying from basic dipoles to a 2 element beam for 10 metres

.I am a member of PODXS 070 Club and hold the membership number 0101 (under m0clz)

As an update my wife got her call today (20/02/1014) M6EBQ and she is already booked in for her intermediate course.

A further update my wife now has her intermediate call as well 2E0NCE or as she like to say 2e 0nce as she believes it's the amount of times she should have to ask for something.

My wife now has a full license M0LMR 9th July 2015

Due to ill health all the antennas have been erected by Glen M6GTV of Starview antennas

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