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Northern Ireland

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          Thank you for visiting my page on HRDLog! Welcome!

Since I was 12 years old I have been interested in radio.  I passed my amateur radio licence in 1989 and was active for 7 years until 1996. Due to changing circumstances I decided to leave the hobby for 20 years as I concentrated on my career and sold all my old equipment. Back in June 2017 at age 45 years I decided to buy some new radio equipment and return to the airwaves after a very long absence.  It is nice to be back on the air!

I have always been a Kenwood fan since I bought a TS850-SAT in 1990, as you will see when you read on I have a lot of Kenwood equipment!  I love the fantastic build quality, ergonomics and audio from their radios.

At my present QTH, I am using a UK Antennas Multi Band End Fed wire between 5 - 200 watts for 80 - 10m, and for VHF/UHF I have a Diamond X-50N vertical antenna.  I also have the excellent Palstar AT-2K manual antenna tuner when needed.

In February 2020 I decided to try some of the digital sides to amateur radio. Using FT8 and FT4 digital modes have helped me to find new countries to add to my DXCC tally.  Currently I have worked 207 DXCC to date (197 confirmed on all continents (3rd August 2023).

On holiday in Castlerock, a seaside villlage that I have been going to on holiday since I was a child, I like to operate a small radio station every July.  Located on the beautiful north coast of Northern Ireland, it has stunning views of the north atlantic ocean and is famed for its clean beach.  Please see my page GI7LOU/P for more details of station setup.

All station logs are recorded here at, uploaded also to and LOTW.?  

I really appreciate any contacts made on air, also SWLs are very welcome too, I will QSL you in return via 

Finally, please sign my web logs, I will be very happy do so for you in return.  It is always nice to know where in the world you are reading my QRZ page from!

If you hear me anywhere, give me a call!

73 de GI7LOU [Richard]

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G4BPJ: You have worked Trinidad & Tobago. Just reached 97 countries!


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