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KA26 9LP

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 Thanks for looking me up.

I got interested in Radio through the medium wave side of my transistor radio where by accident some of my friends found either Radio Moscow or Radio Prague in english. That got us interested and we became short wave listeners via the medium wave. I set out to acquire an old mains domestic radio that had short wave,medium wave and long wave. The front glass bit had all these radio stations marked out so the hunt was on to find and listen to the broadcast stations throughout the world. Next we learned to write a reception report and were rewarded with a QSL card. During our search for all things radio it became known that in our area there were what was known as radio hams (both now silent keys GM3UWO and GM3UWW) Both showed us what it would be like to operate an amateur radio station.
That was in 1964 and it still fascinates me.
Had a short break from the radio because of work 1969 - 1979.
However still had my ear to the international short wave stations.
Passed the morse and RAE in 1983, my favourite band is 20 MHz. I am on the phone most of the time because I like to talk.
The setup is very simple, dynamic mic MD200 plugged in to my old YAESU FT-1000MP MK V with 200 W out into a Hex Beam antenna with 40M add on. The beam sits on top of a Tenna Mast when up is 16M. However its usually working at 10M as we live next to the sea only 300M from the water and the wind can change quite dramatically at times making life exciting more  so in the winter time.
Now I'm retired I hope to meet you on the air. 73's for now. 

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