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P.O.BOX 799
Dominican Rep.

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 My name is Rigoberto, but my radio nick name is Rig.  
I am a semi retired businessman with an associated degree on computer sciences graduated in New York, United States where I went to high school and college after living for over 20 years. 

My beginning in radio goes back to the summer of 1975 at Barrio 27 de Febrero a suburban area in Santo Domingo where I lived with my mother.  I remember that night about 7:00pm my mother sent me to our next door neighbor to explain that her favorite soap opera was about to start and she could not watch on her black and white television unless David Tabar HI8DTG stop transmitting on his old valve tube Drake TR4 causing lots of interference all around the block.  After I relied the message to Mr. Tabar I could not resist that interesting sound coming from his amateur radio shack while he was chatting with his friends in his usual gathering on the 80 meters Caribbean net.  I sat down by the door to listen that strange slang conversation and the sound coming from the speaker of old Drake TR4.
That was the first contact with amateur radio until today.

I became officially licensed in 1977.  Then in 1980 my family relocated to United States where I lived for many years and got licensed started with novice, then technician, general, advanced and extra class.  I had many calls in US (KA2NQF, N2DJA, WA2RDG and currently hold AI8RD)

I 2000 I moved back to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I have my QTH in the suburban area of the City and a second QTH at a farm in north region of DR near Puerto Plata where I plan to install an station to enjoy radio while I am farming. 

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