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Via Perasso 10/3

QSL via:
eQsl, LOTW    

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Licensed since 1990. Born in 1957 in Varazze, (Savona) Italy, a little town located in North West Italy, on Tirrenian/Ligurian Sea. Married with Giusy in 1982, i have 2 boys, Elena and Davide (respectively 1985 and 1987 born, now married both). Interested since '90 years in Packet and digital radio, was sysop of I1AQV BBs,for 5 years. After a pause into radio interesting now i return to be a real Ham, and returned to radio interest as HF bands and antennas. Rig is Icom 751A, antenna is EXTREME Superwide by IW2EN (8 mt. long) . On V/UHF rigs areYaesu FTM-400 and FT2D (handheld) and FTM-100Yaesu used as WIres-X Node #17387.
Antenna V-Uhf are Comet 2x4Max  Comet  Multiband. 
APRS operation Gateway OPEN at 144.800MHz. 

On August 2015 opened  a C4FM Node Wires-x in Varazze, Frequency 433.612,5MHz / Node IK1NAF-ND #17387, and room #27387 . Every people can enjoy this new system and make some test. Probably you can find me portable with my FT2D so i can reply directly to you. Node is driven by FTM-100 and as pc i used a Asus Vivo PC UN62 very good for this equipment. 


  1. European ROS Club #1795
  2. European PSK CLub #25146

QSL are confirmed via E-QSL.CC or LotW.

I am part of ITALY Network Room #27003 - Join this room in Wires-X to connect ITALY !

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Welcome to JA1LSY
PD4LYN: Just reached 59 countries worked!


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