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IU8OMJ's page


via Cap. G. Rea 115
80040 Trecase (NA)

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SWL    since  1984         HAREC lev. A  since  2022          Id  DMR   2226914     

electronic engineer in the computer and telecommunications sectors

fascinated by astrophysics and listening to weak signals

The work started in a telecommunications company when there was no internet and I was installing client server systems in local networks

as a child I read many books but what moved me was the story of “White Fang”. Now if I observe a dog I feel a lot of respect because it is always the best friend of man even if his animal instinct has disappeared because of man.

I live near the ancient Pompeii, have you ever been?

Life stopped forever under the ashes of the volcano.

In a trip to Italy in addition to Florence, Rome and Venice, Naples with Pompei, Sorrento,  the Royal Palace of Caserta and the museum of capodimonte must not be missed.

the most beautiful and tiring journey in the last stretch on foot I did it climbing the pico del teide in the canaries, the highest volcano in europe. Now I live near Vesuvius and travel with my mind.

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