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1610 Weston Lane N
55447 Plymouth, MN
United States

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Bureau, Direct mail, LOTW    

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I'm a Sailor and Navy Radioman for 21 years, gone now from the sea, the ships, and the shipmates that I sailed with. I miss them greatly. Decades now have come and gone since last I went to sea. The years have a way of dimming things, like looking at the past through a smoky mirror. I went, as many others, my separate way… raised a family, and moved on… but a part of me, my Sailor’s Soul, will always be underway… somewhere… in the darkness, on a fast destroyer making turns for 30 knots, heading for distant waters.

Now I play at woodworking, fishing, radios, photography, and grandkids.

I'm primarily active on HF (160-10) with a preference for CW. Look for me in any contest, but especially in the November SweepStakes.

In the summer time I turn the radio off and go fishing for walleyes. Below are some views, including my QSL card design, which show views of my mental treatment center, otherwise known as Lake Vermilion, near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota.

While watching a morning sunrise across the lake, I can see all the way to heaven.

My partner and best friend in all of this is K0CKB. Colleen and I are blessed with 5 grown/married children and 14 grandchildren, good health, and the time to enjoy our lives.

73, de Hans, K0HB

"Just a boy and his Radio"


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