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 I was born in Jersey City, NJ.  I obtained a novice license (WN2CZN) at the age of 14 in December 1967.  I obtained my General class license in 1968 and my Extra Class License in 1969.  I earned the FCC First Class Commercial License when I was a senior in high school and worked as a broadcast technician for WBZ AM in Boston, MA during the summer of 1970 before attending my freshman year at Amherst College, Amherst, MA.  I worked for WBZ TV in the summer of 1971.  I worked for WINS Radio during the following summers until I graduated from Rutgers University School of Law * Newark, NJ.  I have practiced law in Houston, Texas, since 1977.  The law practice of John R Bonica, PC is focused exclusively on representation of pipelines, producers, resellers and lenders in mergers, acquisitions, financings and other energy related transactions.

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ID: 3116416

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