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KD5WJS's page


6873 Cedar Cove Drive
Frisco TX 75035
United States

QSL via:
Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW, QRZ    

QSL manager:

I was first licensed as Novice in 1989 under the callsign KB5KBS, but subsequently moved overseas, and had little time or money to acquire HF equipment. The novice license helped me fulfill one of the requirements of the Radio Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts of America for Troop 81 out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  
Boy Scouts of America Radio Merit Badge

I was relicensed in 2003 as a Technician under my current call of KD5WJS, and upgraded to General shortly thereafter. A lot of encouragement from the folks at the Nortel Amateur Radio Club (NT5NT) helped. ARRL Field Day was great motivator for me.

I decided to get into FT8 in 2024, and have had a great time so far.  Being able to run QRP and see how far propagation takes my signal is a ton of fun.

HF Voice Setup: Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V Field, MP LDG Z-100 external tuner T-4 inline coaxial RF-Choke from RadioWorks, G5RV junior from MFJ Enterprises at 25'-30' elevation, Surplus USMC Radio Mast (usually on loan from KE5ETE)

FT8 Setup: I run a QRP Labs QDX at 5 watts.  I am either using the Buddipole as a horizontal dipole at about 8 feet on 20 meters (so very local, single hop) or I may be using the Super Antennas MP-1 with only 3 short radials.  In each case the antenna is inside the house. At some point, assuming neighbors and the HOA won't object, I need to run the G5RVjr up at proper elevation and see what I can do.  When the band is open, 5 watts goes quite a distance.  

PSK31 HF Data Setup: Yaesu FT-817, MP-1 coil loaded vertical by W6MMA Rascal TNC from Buxcomm for PSK31 work, and occasional APRS work.

VHF/UHF Setup: Yaesu FT-817 - home VHF/UHF operation, Kenwood TH-D7AG + Garmin etrex Legend GPS for APRS, MFJ 1724B Mag mount for mobile operation, Roll up 2 meter / 6 meter J-Pole made for me by K5PSK

G5RVjr in its happy place using an old lineman's fiberglass pole for support:
G5RVjr in action for field day in 2010
KD5WJS (James) with K5PSK (Chris) for ARRL Field Day 2003 for NT5NT (Nortel club)
KD5WJS (James) and K5PSK (Chris) for NT5NT ARRL Field Day 2003

Buddipole hiding in the house to avoid any potential issues with HOA, and also Texas weather:

QDX 5W Transceiver in its happy place for FT8 operations:

QDX 5 Watt Transceiver

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