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KD9AEZ's page


N9290 County Road ES Apt 1
United States

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Cut my teeth on HF with a Kenwood TS-520 only working 20m. The radio didn't work on any other band at the time. Now it doesn't operate on any band because a bunch of tuning coil slugs are now broke when I stupidly tried aligning it before I knew what I was doing correctly.  It requires a bit of work to get back to full working order. I am planning on getting it back up again at some point otherwise.

Currently using an Icom IC-7200 w/ LDG IT-100 tuner, radio connected by USB to a Windows 7 PC running the last free version of HRD.
Anttenas are either a 20m dipole in the attic. Or when I can, a 135ft OFC Windom in the yard when I can deploy it temporarily.

Currently chasing National Parks On The Air and DX when I can.
I do plan to activate posssibly with an emler for NPOTA nearby in southeastern Wisconsin.

I am active on the local Milwaukee Repeater Club 146.91 repeater and with the club.
I am a member and currently the Vice President of Miller Vallery Amateur Radio Club, a technical discussion group that meets weekly on the grounds of the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee, WI.
I am also active with events done by the Black Diamond Radio Group.  A great bunch of people! I have guest operated N9F, 40th Anniversary of the Sinking of Edmund Fitzgerald, special event station and Winter Field Day with them.

Part of 100 Watts and a Wire - 100WattsID: 1166

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