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1504 Buena Vista Drive
United States

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Hi Thanks for stopping in.

Working on my 3rd year in Amateur Radio, got on the air with my Technician Class License 01/25/2017.  
I obtained my General Class License 02/23/2017, after being a Technician for a month.  I completed my Extra Class License approved 08/01/2017 it took a few more months than I hoped for.  I absolutely love having a license to LEARN!!

I'm enjoying discovering what has been a dream for many years now.  I am an active member in many of the Denton County Amateur Radio clubs in my area DCARA (W5NGU), LAARK (K5LRK), LARA (W5LVC).  Attended COWTOWN HamFest 2020, IrvingHam Fest 2020 and HAMCOM 2019 located in the Greater DFW Metro area and look forward to many more.

?My current Shack configuration is a work in progress as always, and all of our rigs have radios now.

Yaesu FT-991 running 100W on HF on this radio.  I sure enjoy using this radio.
?TYT TH-UV8000D 10w Handheld Dual Band
TYT TH9800 Quad Band Mobile 2m/70cm/6m/10m

FTM-400XDR Mobile 2m/70cm
ANTONE 878 HT 2m/70cm DMR
ANYTONE 578 Mobile TriBand 2m/1.25m/70cm DMR
FLEX 6300
Other radio's I use are the ICOM 5100

Hustler 6BTV Vertical antenna on a OMNI TILT Mount
Hexbeam (Currently mounted @ 25' ) for 20M/17M/15M/12M/10M/6M
Diamond V-2000 TriBand for 2m/70cm/6m
Comet CX-333 TriBand for 2m/1.25m/70cm
A 2m/70cm antenna is a 1/2" copper pipe JPOLE placed in my attic for storm conditions. 
Comet UHV-4 Quad Band on Mobile for 2m/70cm/6m/10m
Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 working and learning more about AREDN.

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