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KL7TC's page

William (Bill)

PO Box 10647
United States

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 Thanks for visiting my page.  Bill here from Fairbanks, Alaska.  I have lived in Alaska since 1982 except for a few years in New Mexico (2003-2006) but was not active at the time.   I got my license in 1982ish as a novice (WL7BBB) and became an extra in about 1983.  I actually held WL7BBB & KL7TC at the same time due to FCC mistakes and picked KL7TC as my final call.  I ran contests with KL7IRT and then KL7RA for years but then went inactive from about 2003-2019....and am now back and building up a station my new house (only a cobweb antenna for winter).  My dad is KL7XD and used his station in North Pole, Alaska for years.

In my new house: BP64ev, a 55ft crank up tower, an MFJ 1838 Cobweb, IC-7300/FT-857d, and hopefully an amp.

Next summer, hopefully, will have a tower with tri-bander and a 4 element 40meter yagi.

Ten-Ten #48995; ARRL Life Member, Arctic ARC-Fairbanks, North Pole Contest Group (KL7RA).

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