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LA9JFA's page


Tomasjordnes 33
9024 Tomasjord

QSL via:
Bureau, Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW, E-mail request    

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I am a former seamann sailed around the world for 25 years in various types of ships and also

employed on drilling barges in the North Sea searching for oil and gas.       


Got my B license in1986 and worked as LB7JC/mm aboard the Ro-Ro vessel Tourcoing.

I got my A license LA9JFA one of the first days of January the next year..

When I stopped sailing I started working as adjunct in high school, teaching IT
I was retired a few years ago and realy enjoy life and ham-radio working DX when conditions are good.

I'm working from both the motorhome and home QTH during the summer. During the winter I work only from home QTH



My equipments


Radio: Kenwood TS-480SAT and also Icom IC-7000 during winther

Amplifier: Acom 1010

Tuner: MFJ 986

Antenna: Cushcraft R6000, 84 meter Loop


Radio: Icom IC-7000 - always barefoot.

Antenna: Longwire in different length on a 12 meter Spiderbeam depending on the space I have where I stay: This is some of the measurement (in meter) of the longwire; 8,839, 10,820, 12,497, 17,678, 21,641, 25,603

Sometimes the antenna is twisted around the Spiderbeam as a vertical longwire, and sometimes in an inverted L  To match the longwire/inverted L I have a fabulous Icom AT-130 automatic tuner.

Please confirm QSO's on, eQSL, LoWT and/or BUREAU - tnx

I also work D-Star radio QRV on DCS013 F, and I'm sysop on LD9KV located in Tromso, Norway

From April 2015 I'm also QRV on Yaesu Fusion,  Room 27150 (Norge) or Room 27215 (Kvaloy)

Lately (03.2015) I started with Yaesu Wires-X Fusion and my node ID is LA9JFA-ND and DTMF 17215. I'm working analog for a while until I deside what to do further on, but plan to go fully digital mode during the next six mounths. Your welcome to give me a call OM.

73 de LA9JFA Harald

Harald Bjarkhaug
Tusenfrydveien 29
9100 Kvaloysletta


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