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Bjørkesvegen 6B

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 Hi friends; My Name is Gunnar Moland

I am born in 1952 and was educated as an officer in the Norwegian Airforce. After several years as fully employeed in the airforce, I joined the Norwegian Homeguards and spent the rest of my military "life" there. My sivil job after the airforce, has been as Procurement Manager, and  later Commercial Manager in a large, scandinavian metal producer located here in Norway. I have now partly retired, and thats the reason for picking up the radio-hobby again, as this has always been one of my interests. 

As a "fresh" Ham-operator, I will try to learn fast, and upload and confirm all QSO'S to,, LOTW and Club Log.

When I am not doing my radio-hobby, I am also a beekeeper - I can promice you; A very interesting and fasinating hobby :-)

My QTH is at my "Second home", a small village; Rosendal, at the west coast of Norway. However, my homeplace is a small town close to Rosendal; Odda, situated near the world- famous stoneformation; "Trolltunga" (English Trolltongue).  May be I should have a picture from this high-mountain icon at my new QSL  :-)


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