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If you hear me, please announce me in the DX-Cluster!



Hello and thank you for visiting me on QRZ

My Name is Darrian and i am 40 yrs old , I live in the central part of the Unitied Kingdom in the County of Derbyshire, Near to the Small Market Town of Ripley

With my partner Anita (M3NTS).

I have been interested in Radio since the age of 10, When for my Birthday that year i was bought a CB Radio. After many years working the DX on 11mtrs i decided to take the amateur radio foundation licence
I finally passed in May 2002 and obtained my M3 call sign.

I have only recently returned to the bands after a long spell off air due to work commitments but i'm now back on air using either my 66FT endfed sloper, or my SRC-HF360 Vertical, both mounted 12 mtrs from the ground, into my 28 year old trusted Kenwood TS530 Valve transciever.

I have spoken to many countries around the world, (175 at the last count) including, Australia, Japan, South America, and even the International Space station (I know the last isn't a country).

I am active on most bands including 40, 20, 17, 15, 12mtrs, Where you will you may hear me DX calling on Freq , 14.250mhz and 18.150mhz just to see what i can pull out of the bag with just 10 watts, So if you hear me calling please give me a call and i will be pleased to speak with you and add you to my log book.

I have also recently started collecting WORKED ALL BRITAIN SQUARES so you may hear me on the W.A.B. net 7.160mhz during the day if im not calling DX.

My W.A.B square is SK44 , :Book Number 19742

Locator IO93HA

If you do hear me but are either shy or i cant hear you (Shortwave listeners)i would very much welcome a signal report from you , So please feel free to email me at and i will reply straight away

Please log any contact with me via the QRZ Log book .

Please QSL either direct or via EQSL Thank you

73's and good DX

M3FON, Darrian

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