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2 Tamar Way

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Greeting's from Tony ( M3OVA )

I'm 52 years old and have been into this lovely hobby of Ham Radio since I was a boy growing up with CB Radio back in the 80s when it became legal here. I started using SSB on 11mts and found it very rewarding in making contact all over the world and exchanging QSL cards.

I passed my Foundation Exam in December 2004 and couldn't wait to get my licence to start DXing.

I live in the City of Lincoln in England. And it is approximately 45 miles from the East Coast Resort of Skegness and about 120 miles North of London.

I enjoy Repairing, Building PC's and RC Plane's n Drones. Fishing and Paintball was also enjoyable until an injury to my back which has put them activities on hold. I have been off air for a couple of years but now just set myself up with some new equipment which is QRP so if you hear me out there please drop by and give me a call back. Local or Worldwide I just love to talk and to make new contacts and friends alike.

Anyway that's all for now folks.

So I will say 73 and hope to catch you on the airwaves.

Regards M3OVA aka Tony



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