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42 Woodland Drive
LE3 3EB Leicester

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                                                 Hi, my name is Sebastian.

I was born in Pyskowice (southern Poland) in 1974. Even as a small boy I was interested in electronics. My grandfather's merit is that I chose this path. Hobbies Radio Amateur began with CB radio, then I was a member of the amateur radio club in Gliwice at the Border Guard Unit. Unfortunately, the unit was dissolved and the club along with her. A long break and a great return. I am currently a member of the Leicester Radio Society club in the UK, where I have lived for nearly 15 years.
I have been a license holder for a short time. I am passionate about constructing antennas.

I currently have a HEXBEAM antenna made by myself that allows me to work in 6-20m bands. Also, I made a dipole shortened with traps for 80m and similar at 40m.

Radio: Yaesu FT-950

I invite everyone to connect and contact my station.

DMR ID: 2348235  Reflector: 4499 

Best regards 73 and see you soon.

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