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MW6PNW's page


13 Bridge Street, Maesteg, Bridgend
CF34 9BJ

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Hello and welcome to my Bio.

Born in 1965 and been into radio since 1978.

I do sit and listen for long periods of time and occasionally i answer or give out a call.

My station is located in South Wales in the UK.

Im running a Yaesu FTdx101MP with a home made ABV.

Im employed as a HGV driver so Im on the road Monday to friday so dont get any radio time unless im off. However while on the road i do enjoy using the Midland CB App and will be found on the Trucker 5 chanel along with a bunch of idiots/drivers where we have some great fun.

I mostly listen / Participate on weekends in the early hours of UK time.

Im about to get married to a wonderful lady who unfortunately hastes my hobby of radio but ive my own room at the back of the house where i can go off to to enjoy my radio time.

At the moment im only a foundation licence holder but do plan to progress through the three versions of the uk licence when i have the time to study.

Im looking forward to contacting anyone to have a general chinwag, however i do get a bit disheartened by most people only wanting to get someone in the log and then bouncing off to someone else without any more than just a quick radio/conditions report. To me this isnt what radio is about but i guess thats the way radio has progressed over the last 20 or so years.


Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll have a catch up soon.

73s Paul. MW6PNW

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