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N1ZTB's page


20 Adams Street
Barre, MA, 01005
United States

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Bureau, Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW, QRZ    

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 Just a regular joe on the radio. 


Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm a farmer from a small town in the middle of Massachusetts. You can check out the farm channel on YouTube here: Brookside Farm - YouTube  . In addition to a few acres of vegetables in season, we raise ducks, chickens, turkeys, and geese- and occasionally pigs and goats. And yes... I often play the fiddle in between contacts! I retired in 2012 from a professional career as an industrial automation engineer in the wire and cable industry due to severe injuries from an accident that left me wheelchair-bound. 

You'll often find me working the OMISS SSB nets. You can check them out at - especially on the weekends. I also work CW occasionally, but I'm rusty as heck, so be patient while I pick up speed again. 

I return 100% of the cards I receive. For US & Canadian contacts, just drop me a card; please don't worry about a SASE. Otherwise, just drop a card in the buro and I'll send one back for sure. If it's been awhile and I haven't sent one back, just drop me an email.

The main bench is currently occupied by a Kenwood TS-2000, an Icom 706-mkIIG, an Icom 756 Pro-ii, and an Icom 7300. A pair of LDG AT-1000 Pro II tuners and a Palstar AT2K handle the outputs from the amplifiers- an Icom PW-1, a Heathkit SB-200, and an SB-220. 

Antennas here consist of: Mosley 4 element monobander for 20m and a 6 element Cushcraft for 6m on a 70 foot tower;  a Comet X300 2m/70cm vertical on a 35 foot telephone pole; a Cushcraft 15 element for 2m under a 17 element Cushcraft for 70cm on a 50 foot tower; a G5RV running north-south at 45 feet; a 160-40 EFHW running east-west at 50 feet; and a Butternut HF-9V mounted on the ground.  

Thanks for stopping by, and 73!

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