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N3DAW's page


Westport Observatory, 182 Bayberry Lane
United States

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LoTW, Club Log, QRZQC, HamQTH and HDRLOG logged regularly. eQSL is causing me issues.

I am no longer in Maryland and have updated my QTH to Westport CT, grid FN31ie as of June 1, 2021. I'm set up currently at the Westport Astronomical Society's K1WAS hamshack using the not-so-great vertical on top of one of the old NIKE towers.

I've been interested in ham radio since I was a kid and worked in commercial radio for quite a few years flapping my gums to whoever would listen, but it wasn't until I decided in 2014, at age 49, to take the plunge and get my ticket. I studied for the tech - passed it - and took the general that day. I ended up walking out with HF privileges. One of these days I hope to get my Extra ticket.

Like so many other hams now, I have an ICOM IC-7300, a nice upgrade from my IC-7200. 



Also in the shack is a TYT MD380, an AnyTone AT-D878UV with a UHF DVMEGA hotspot for DMR, a Kenwood TH-D72Radio Shack Pro-164 scanner and 4 or 5 Baofeng UV-5RA HT disposable junkers.

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