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N4JAW's page

James A
Williams Jr

3601 Fountain Drive #2
United States

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 I first got bit by the ham bug in the 50's while visiting a family friend's TV repaur shop. I was spellbound when I heard him speaking some foriegn language CQ, CQ, CQ. I was amazed when someone from a country on the other side of the world respnded. That was it for me. I was HOOKED!

I remeber reading in the kids' newpapaer "Weekly Reader" about SPUTNIK sending CW messages.  I was thrilled to find out I could learn Morse Code and obtan my Noice License through the Cub Scouts> I was able to obtan my Novice License as a Cub Scout, however; I never used the license nor upgraded and license expired.

That Ham bug laid dormant until my late teens when I began my commercial radio broadcast career and obtaned my First Class Radiotelephone License. My station's cheif engineer also a ham; kept encouraging me toget my ham license again.  Regrettably, his persuation wasn't enough to nudge e into action.

Career demands and family obligations took precendence over; but as my children became teenagers and young adultsI became interested again. On Field Day 1983, I received my Novice license again. This time I have stayed active.

Recently the pandemic and unpredictable band conditions have forced a lot of hams like me to indulge other areas of the hobby. Satellie and digital modes, FT8 have been weting my apettite of our hobby during this time. Additionally, after being licensed as aN Advanced Class ham since 1991, deicied to upgrade to EXTRA class.

Since I live in an apartment cretese challenges on how I operate. My Alpha Mag Loop has done wonders for my operating capabilitiesI have found I have been able to make some impressionable HF QSO's considering my restricted antenna situation.

I have constructed a stealth 2m / 70cm Eggbeater Antenna which looks like a big vine for satellite use.  Also a 2m / 70cm Flower Pot antenna which looks like a big plant I use for local VHF/UHF local, repeater and APRS use. Another 2 m Ground Plane which hangs from the top of my ground floor patio.  When I work portable I generaly take along my Buddipole Deluxe Antenna

I still get as excited as that little kid from the 50's whenever I call CQ,CQ, CQ from N4JAW, not know who will anser on the other end.


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