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N7AKG's page


262 SW Gabbert Rd.
United States

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eQsl, LOTW, QRZ, E-mail request    

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 I was first licensed in the 1970s back in VA as WB4WOJ, and was active until a bit over 10 years ago when moved into a condo. After almost 50 years with my old call and now living in 7 land for over 40 I figured time to change my call. So as of April 27, 2021 I am N7AKG.

I am a recently retired structural engineer and software developer, so with time on my hands I am getting back into amateur radio. After pulling my old rig out of its box and seeing it catch fire when powered up, I got all new equipment and am getting set up again – here in the condo. Its a duplex so more like a house then an apartment but no land but there is some room to string a 73' EFHW if I bend it around the back of the house. 

I prefer digital modes PSK31, JS8Call, and Olivia but also like to check into voice nets on HF and VHF.

My rig is an ICOM 7300 running barefoot to a 
Vibroplex EF-80-10-JR-KW up about 25 feet and 90 degree bend in middle at tree as a horizontal L. 

Other hobbies include golf and spoiling grand kids!

QSL: QRZ, LoTW, direct (no SASE req), and eQSL

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