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1414 State Route 131
United States

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 My ROOTS are on the 10 Meter band where I started with my license back in 1986 ... My first rig was a modified CB radio with only a CW keyer and 300 watt amplifier ... I had no use for a microphone back in those days ... I upgraded to a Yeasu 757-GX in the late 80's and tried my hand on all the low bands for a while ... In the 90's I tried my hand at going mobile with a Motorola SYNTOR X which I had programmed for both 10 and 6 meters FM ... Man those were the days ... 

I've had a few rigs but after I sold my Yeasu 757 I got off the LOW bands for a while and pretty much stayed in the VHF/UHF parts of the bands for a couple decades ... 

Well ... I'M BACK on HF these days !!!! I can be found all over ... If I am home I am probably on FT8 or hanging out on CW looking for a good contact and a great QSO ...

My HF setup these days is a modest FLEX 6500 running V3.2.39 SmartSDR pushing 100 watts connected to a EFHW 80-10 meter end fed 130' wire antenna up about 45 feet above the ground with the lobes going East - West ... 100 watts and a wire ... 

I use the Log4OM software to log all my contacts then upload the enteries to LoTW - eQSL - HRDLOG and QRZ ...

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