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1610 17th Ave
United States

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If I have worked you on the bands, (no matter the mode!), thank you so very much for the contact!!!! Again my name is Dwayne, I currently live in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA. I have been a Amature Radio Operator since I was in High School,(1991~92). Originaly I started as a NO-CODE TECHNICIAN, and it was not untill I met a great group of guys in the fall of 2016 did things get better.

If it was not for N9GE~Gary, W9GU~ART, N9CBS~Curt, N0IMJ~Jerry, N9ZYL~John, W9SV~Lavelle, KD0WLB~J.C., KA9OIL~Dan, N9XCK~Danny, KD9KHV~Brian, N9IPA~Keith, as well as a handfull of other great hams, I would have not persued an upgrade to GENERAL Class.

9th of March 2020, around 19:00 C.S.T, after a quarter century, I was now N9PYA/AG!!!!! SO A VERY BIG, BIG, BIG THANK YOU, to all who continued to push, and push, with the encouragement untill I succedded. Next, of course, will be Extra Class, but, also, I will be working with the Straight Key, (Courtesy of N9XCK~Danny), hopefully to join in on Straight Key Night on New Years 2021!

I would also love to gloate about my family.... My oldest, 17, Luke, my belessing, my wounderful boy, who has provided me with the crash course on the "Ready or Not Your a DAD". Of course following him, was MY, ahem, I ment to say, the WORLD'S most BEAUTIFUL daughter, Kassie. Who at 12, has been showing me that Luke's crash course, dose not cover the pre-teen, teenage course. There is also my youngest, at 11, Logan who has reminded me to keep my eyes open, to keep enjoying the LITTLE THINGS, FAMILY is Very Important, and that I still have way to much more to learn in life. With out them, I would not be me.

Thank you for reading my B.S. and I look foward to meeting up on the bands!  73's de N9PYA

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