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PO Box 189
United States

QSL via:
Direct mail    

QSL manager:

 Previously K5CWC.  Upgraded to Extra and changed to NT5CC Oct. 2014. 

My QTH is just East of Centerville, Texas (midway between Houston & Dallas) where I usually monitor 146.52 and the local repeater - 147.280 + 146.2. If you find yourself in the area, give a call... 

I serve as ARES EC / RACES CLO for Leon County and AuxComm Coordinator for the Leon County OEM.  I'm also a member of the NFLARC.   Volunteer Examiner as of 08/2013.  Trustee for WA5LCR. 

The HF / 6m station is a FLEX 3000 / Abroham Neal machine through an ALS 600s / LDG 1000ProII.  Antennae are an A3S Tri-Band (w/ 40m add on) at 80', a 75m NVIS dipole or Bushmaster 160m OCF Dipole at 65'.    A M2 HO Loop at 85' takes care of 6m. The WINLINK station is an iCom 208h w/ Kantronics KPC3+ and Comet GP-6 for VHF and a Kenwood TS2000 w/ WINMOR and 80m dipole for HF, both using RMS Express.

 The 2 Meter FM station is a Kenwood TM-D710a / Mirage 160 (as needed) watt amp to a Diamond X 700 at 90'.

 Mobile operations are from a Jeep Wrangler with Kenwood TS-480HX (200 watt) / Tarheel screwdriver and a Kenwood TM-D710g / Larsen 1/2 wave VHF & Comet B-10 UHF antennae.   Winlink capable.  There is also a Kenwood VHF county Public Service radio.

 QSL 100% direct.

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