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4638 Chippendale Dr
Naples, FL 34112
United States

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First licensed in 1956 as K8AJG. My operations were mostly HF CW until 1960 when I became active on 6 meter AM (base station and mobile) in the Cleveland, Ohio area. In the early 70's my interest switched to 2 meter FM and repeaters along with a little work on 70cm. This was the focus of my ham radio operations until I retired and moved from the Cleveland area to Southwest Florida in 2004. Although I had a First Class Commercial Radio telephone License, I had not upgraded my Amateur license from General Class. In 2010 I started putting together an HF station and got back on the air. I upgraded to Extra Class in 2012, but kept the K8AJG call until 2015 when I applied for and received the Vanity Call NW9H.

Most of my operating now is FT8 and FT4 with a litle 2m and 70cm for local activities.

I'll always remember my Elmer, Bert Cole, W8JWM (silent key) and thank him for his guidance and patience as he introduced me to the world of Amateur Radio

73 and see you on the bands. NW9H  Formerly K8AJG

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