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 History in brief

I have been a licenced HAM since the february 2011. I have been interested in radio amateur hobby all the way from the 80's. I had a CB -radio station at home already in the end of the eghtees. Back then I was working some "skip dx" and chewing rag locallyalot! I was also keen on SWL (both amateur and BCI) on that time. Based on that enthusiastic hobby already then, I also ended up doing my military service in the Finnish Airforce radio communications school in Tikkakoski. But then came the internet, sun spot maximum (which actually was too heavy for poor CB -radios and it messed the band), cell phones and all that interesting sfuff and I went QRT for a looooong perioid of time.

However the actual interest to radio and especially to radio amateur communications did not disappear ever. Finally during the 2010 and in the beginning of 2011 the radio somehow came back to my life (so to speak) and I decided to go for the licence and start it all over again. And here we are. :-) More information at 

QSL via the BURO and automatic after the QSO via eQSL

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Thanks to EA2HE
G4ZTY: You have worked Kaliningrad. Just reached 61 countries!


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