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Welcome to my HamQTH, I am a relatively new ham who is very active on


I'm also active with sstv signals



I became Harec licensed on Thursday the 18th of June 2020

You can call me Jess


I was born in Belgium, West Flanders, Poperinge, my qth is also Poperinge,

Poperinge is a city in the Belgian province of West Flanders.

The city has over 19,500 inhabitants and is located in the West Flemish Heuvelland region. 


Poperinge, hop city with a rich history

In Poperinge, West Flanders, you will find a mix of culture and history.

When you think of hops and beer, you also think of Poperinge.

In addition, remnants of the First World War can be seen. 



The traces of WWI

The First World War has left many traces here. A visit to the Lijssenthoek makes you quiet for a moment. It used to be an evacuation hospital for the Ypres Salient. After that it became a cemetery where about 10,000 victims of WWI lie. It is sometimes called "the mirror of war". In the visitor center you can read stories and view photos. The town hall site of Poperinge also makes you stop for a moment. This was an execution site during the First World War.


Poperinge was the city behind the front during the First World War, barely ten kilometers from the Ypres Salient.

The city is an ideal base for the French and British troops.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of headquarters, transportation, and hospitals, chaplains Neville Talbot and Philip "Tubby" Clayton open a Clubhouse in December 1915.

Regardless of rank, soldiers can go there for a rare moment of rest and relaxation for three years.

Today, just like then, the place is a peaceful stop along the route of the "Great War" in the Westhoek.



Poperinge the city of hops and beer

Beer lovers can certainly indulge themselves here. Poperinge still has almost 158 hectares of hop fields and you will find no fewer than three breweries there.

The hop museum is definitely worth a visit: you can view the Belgian beer collection here and follow beer seminars or workshops.

Every three years you can enjoy the beer and hop parties.






About my workingconditions: 

I mainly operate from my qth, portable or mobile,

I work with a Yeasu FT 991A 

I use selfmade hyendfed antennas and selmade baluns.

For operating the 40m / 20m / 17m / 15m / 12m / 10m / 6m band.





 I also use a Diamond x510 configuration for vhf and uhf.

I love working simplex, the farthest qso currently was 742 km from my qth with a station in scotland on 2m FM smiley

thx for the qso GM8ZEQ (Margaret) 73's ON4JES

thx for the qso GM8ZEQ (Margaret) 73's ON4JES


It is always a pleasure for me to make contacts with the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium of course.

Especially at 2m and 70cm in fm or ssb mode. 







My hobbies are mainly antennas, ham radios, designing and programming electronics.

Projects of me can you find on my linkedin and facebook page



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