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PD2ARI's page


Geulhemmerberg, 60
Amersfoort, 3825cb

QSL via:
Bureau, eQsl, LOTW, QRZ, E-mail request    

QSL manager:

 my Rig's are a Xiegu g90 on a longwirer endfed max 20 watt

 and a Yeasu ft-991A on a HF-360 max 100 watt 

for 144 / 430 Mhz a Diamond X-30

on DMR i use Anytone 979uv  and a Baofeng DM-1801 on openGD77

Hello , 

I am Arie from Amersfoort central in the Netherlands .
59 years old and get my Novice licence  on . 27-03-2021

I've tried to get this earlier, in beginning of the 90's but unfortunately didn't make it to the end . 

i have be busy this hobby from 1970 starting first on a porto 2 chs  
than my first set was a  Pony CB-78 23 ch AM 5 watt

the last on 11 meters  i had president  Lincoln 

After a long break from this hobby it slowly started to itch, and in september 2020 picked the hobby back up after buying a Ranger 2950 set. 

But I found  out it has all changed.. 11 meter is almost dead and a s 9 is noise .
So I think the best is to go on HF and 2 meter and find out DRM . 

This compelled me to get my ameteur licence, I found my way to the RFDX club and studied there my Novice 2 days a week on teamspeak. 

It's very nice to learn all the infomation in a nice way, and so much help if you don't understand it right away. 

So now after 4 months, I finally get my licence !
I am grateful of all the members of the RFDX club for all the help! 


Thanks guys! Koos ,Frank,Wilfred and Jack and Erwin



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