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Adriaan Victor


QSL via:
Bureau, Direct mail, LOTW    

QSL manager:

My name is ADRIAAN VICTOR, I was born in 1963 in a town called Apeldoorn. Ialso lived in Germany for 3 years in a town called Zeven. But after 3 years we went back to Apeldoorn. I got my call PE1KHP in 1984. I have change the call in 2000, in PE2KP. And used the call PE25KP in 2009, when i was 25 years active on the ham bands (1984-2009). In 2011 i did change my call to PE2K In 2014 i was active with  PE30K for 30 year hamradio.

I am active on 6m and HF, with DXing in SSB, RTTY, SSTV, PSK, JT65a and old mode CW.

Member of the VERON and the ARRL.

I was 14 years long a member of the VHF-committee of the VERON. And did writethe VHF dx-ing column in Electron for 14 years. Electron is the magazine of theVERON.

QSL Policy: - QSL received direct with Envelope plus 1,00 USD / IRC will besent out direct. - QSL received via bureau and all others will be sent out via the bureau.

- SWL QSLs get one card back, so please do send your SWL reports to me.

My logbook is online at my webpage:

Setup: 100 watt and a dipole - vertical. In contest QRP: 5 watt.

Have all fun with hamradio and see you on the bands.

73, Adriaan PE2K

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