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PY5XT's page


185, Desembargador Arthur Leme st
Curitiba, PR

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 About me:

Brazilian, Engineer and a happy member of a HamRadio family I started as an amateur radio at 1995. Firstly using PU5OPR callsign, a brazilian "C Class" station license mainly operating based on Quatro Barras/PR (GG54lo) or Curitiba/PR (GG54ho), between 1995 and 2000).

Subsequently, at year 2000 I moved up to a brazilian "B Class", changing also my callsign to PY5XT and leaving behind the old callsign. And at 2002 I moved up again to a brazilian "A Class" but this time keeping my callsign PY5XT till today. From 2001~2002 started a new station at Palmeira/PR (GG54an).

So basicly you may find me on air operating from one of these places surrounding GG54:

  • GG54jo (Bacacheri)
  • GG54ho (Santa Felicidade)
  • GG54lo (Quatro-Barras)
  • GG54an (Palmeira)


I have some nice rigs, but currently I'm using an ICOM IC-718 with just 15W of power, and a dual band homemade wire dipole.

Preferred main modes of emission: PSK31, RTTY, CW, SSB, FT8. As you can see mainly digital modes :-)

Fraternal 73 - Eleandro (Nando) - PY5XT

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