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RX4CD's page


14-26,ul.Moskovskaya,Saratovskaya oblast
Petrovsk, 412540
European Russia

QSL via:
Bureau, Direct mail, eQsl, LOTW    

QSL manager:

The station consists of the following equipment:
Main radio: FT-2000 . It is planned to establish reserve radio - FT-897 or FT-857. For communication with friends in a local network I use WOUXON KG-UVD-1P.

Antennes: OCF-Dipole (4m.+38,2m.) for 40 - 10m.

Dipole - 17m.,12m.

Inv.v. - 30m.

Slopper - 15m. (west/east)

All my antennas are located on two masts, 16 and 10 meters which are established on a house roof where I live. Height from the earth to a roof of 15-20 meters.

Operation all modes, but generally: CW, SSB, BPSK31, RTTY, JT-65.   The my first callsignt  in 1980 as UA4CGF, in 1985 as UV4CD,  in 1987 as RX4CD.

EPC # 10448 ER-31, EPC-RU # 2031

LOC: LO22qh     52.30N 45.39E

RDA: SA-43 ( from 01.03.2010)

I have two adult children, the son and the daughter. And also two beautiful grandsons and not less beautiful granddaughter.   And all this happiness wouldn't be possible without my beloved wife.  

All my professional activity is connected with electrical equipment here 30 years.

Thank you for visit and wasted time on reading. I am always glad to meet the friends on a hobby. To new meetings on amateur bands. 73!

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