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01-682 Warszawa

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My adventure with radio started in the early 1990s when me and my friend used the ECHO4 walkie- talkie in our backyard. At the same time CB radio was gaining a huge popularity in Poland due to problems with telephone lines availability. Then in 1995 my friend’s dad bought a CB Radio in order to have a contact between a car and his QTH. Right after he put a 5/8 wave antenna on his home roof, me and my friend got a chance to listen to local stations from the CB band. It was my late Grandmother who bought me my first Cobra19 CB radio. She could easily see how fascinated I was with everything related to this subject. I soon started modifying devices myself and in 1996 my adventure with DX connections had begun with SuperStar radio. Then came the era of mobile phones and internet and I gave up this hobby. In 2006 I again started using CB radio in my car and I also used PMR for mountain and bike trips. When searching through radio forums for information about recommended PMR devices, I found out about a possibility of taking an exam in Office of Electronic Communications. I passed the exam for an amateur radio license in July 2007 and this is how I made it to a ham radio club. Due to the fact I am a professional photographer I received the SQ5NPS callsign which refers to Nikon Professional Service. In 2015 I’ve changed the callsign into SQ5AM referring to my initials.

Currently my station equipment on shortwave are:

  • Yaesu FTDX-3000 and antennas:
    multidipole 80/40/20 m and vertical GP7DX by Waldek SP7GXP at a height of 118 m above sea level.
  • mcHF by M0NKA for field day with wire antenas and Kristick by Kris SP5VR
  • ICOM IC-7100 for Emergency Communication operation
  • On VHF/UHF I use ICOM IC-2820 with the issuance of a digital D-Star.
  • Hand Icom ID-51 Limited Edition in turquoise and Tytera, Yaesu, Icom.

I'm interested in the APRS, emergency communication, PSK and RTTY QSOs in the HF band and DV on ultra shortwave bands. My DMR and D-STAR ID is 2605031. I use also Fusion system.
I prefer traditional paper QSL card and for all I answer.

Currently I am a Board Member of 37 departament of PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Union)  in Warsaw and a Deputy Coordinator of the Mazovian Crisis Communication Network.

Together with my colleagues we carry out various experiments and radio-related projects. We support the rocket section of the Students' Space Association in the projects concerning stratospheric rocket flights. As well as along with a group of fellow radio amateurs I take part in the construction of the largest beacon in Poland. Information on this project is available here SR5TDM. Regatta sailing is my other passion.

Professionally I work as a photographer and graphic designer.

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