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01-682 Warszawa

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My affair with the radio began in 1995. My friend's from the yard father bought a CB radio to the contact between the car and QTH. He installed a 5/8 wave antenna set on the roof, and then I had the opportunity to listen to local stations with a friend in the Citizen band. At this time in Poland C.B. Radio did a great career because there were many problems with access to telephone lines. Previously, we used with my friends polish walkie-talkie type ECHO4. My grandmother bought me my first transceiver for Citizen Band, when she noticed that it was my passion. Then I started to modify the device itself. In 1996 I started with DX QSOs. I used the radio SuperStar at this time. Then the era of cell phones, the Internet, etc. came and I stopped using the radio.
In 2006, I started using a CB radio in the car, and during cycling and mountain trips I used PMR. Looking for the radio forums information on recommended devices PMR I've found the topic about club meetings and examination in one of Warsaw amateur clubs. That is how I came to the amateur radio club in July 2007, I passed the exam on amateur radio license and I received a callsign SQ5NPS. Due to the fact that I'm a photographer I associated the NPS system service for professionals Nikon (Nikon Professional Service)
In 2015 I changed the sign on SQ5AM corresponding with my initials.
Currently my station equipment on shortwave are:

  • Yaesu FT-920 and the antenna at a height of 115 m above sea level in different configurations. I am still looking for the perfect setup.
  • ICOM 7100 for field day
  • On VHF/UHF I use ICOM IC-2820 with the issuance of a digital D-Star.
  • Hand Icom ID-51 Limited Edition in turquoise.

I'm interested in the APRS, emergency communication, PSK and RTTY QSOs in the HF band and DV on ultra shortwave bands. My DMR and D-STAR ID is 2605031. I prefer traditional paper QSL card and for all I answer.

At this moment I'm board member of 37 departament PZK and coordinator od Mazovian Emergency Communication Group

Together with my friends we realize diverse radio projects and experiments. We support the functioning of the Students' Astronautic Circuit in the area of stratospheric rockets' flights. In a group of radioamateurs we are building the biggest polish beacon. You can find more information on this project here: SR5TDM

I'm a photographer and graphic designer.

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