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SWL/30CC20's page

Union Des RadioClubs

3, rue Saint Lugle
62190 Lillers

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 This year the Union of Radio Clubs Amateur Radio and earphones has decided to pay tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau for his action to future generations and the discovery and preservation of our planet. Indeed disappeared 20 years ago in 1997 he could not embrace the 21st century. The under 30 know little about the life and inventions of our "Captain Planet" yet so popular in the 20th century, let's know! JYC is the pioneer of scuba diving and a prestigious hero of France, he was diver, filmmaker, explorer, inventor, but especially the explorer of the world of silence ... 

The mission of the Cousteau Society with the restoration of the Calypso and the film The Odyssey stimulus this great adventure ...

Indicative historic radio Calypso are F9LT / d in 1956, FIRQ, F6HHV / F6FOZ in 1992.

You will find below 2 commemorative articles published on the F8URC network:

The official dates of our activation will be:

The weekend of Saturday / Sunday 5 & 6 August.

The period of Saturday, August 12 to Sunday, August 20 inclusive.

The weekend of Saturday / Sunday 26th & 27th August.

The weekend of Saturday / Sunday 2 & 3 September .

The members of the URC can book the code in the limits of available slots and use it during the holidays. Everyone is welcome to contact us!

Booking participatory indicative email specifying dates, times and traffic patterns on

For Dx-mens Citizen Band operators activate the station "14 DC 20" on the 27 MHz SSB!

73's @ all

This year we are doing a "tribute to Commandant Cousteau who disappeared 20 years ago for his work for the next generations and to protect the planet." TM20CC will be transmitting from several locations all across France (this is a shared call-sign, a  network of many stations). We hope to have plenty of contacts with the USA because Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU used to produced his movies in Los Angeles with his American friends and lastly the Calypso ship was based in Norfolk,Virginia. Cousteau lived there and loved the USA also the Cousteau Society was created there in 1973.

The new movie the Odyssey and the restauration of Calypso is showing to the world that the great adventure continues to preserve water and the planet...  

The dates of our activity are the following  in August, Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th then from Saturday 12th of August until Sunday 20th of August and Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th of August and finally Saturday 2dn & Sunday third of September.


Here you will find the trailer for the new movie available in blue-ray The Odyssey : 

Here are related links from the Cousteau familly following the path of Captain Cousteau:

Have fun watching Philippe Cousteau Jr in his Aquatic world mini-serie :

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