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 Hello fellow Ham enthusiast !!!

My passion for Amateur Radio began when I was 12 years old.  My neighbor had a big antenna on the roof of his house and it got my attention.  Years gone by, and one day I was listening on Soundesign Radio ( AM-FM-SW-Police) and at the end of the police band, I heard for the first time a flea market session on a local repeater.  I was so amazed to hear local Hams around me.  Then in 1989, a friend of mine told me that HAM radio course was giving in a college nearby, so we enroll together to learn Morse Code, as it was mandatory by the time, and I got my 12WPM license by 1990.

I then started modestly by using VHF and UHF with my first portable radio, a Yaesu FT-470, which I still have today.  Over the years, I acquire other rigs, my first mobile was an ICOM IC-2400, which I use today, mostly on APRS. Then after I bought a Kenwood TM-741 triple band, and my first HF rig is a Kenwood TS-450SAT.  I did experiment in the early days of packet and was very active by then. I do also 900 Mhz, mostly locally.

I was very active as a volunteer in a community organization with events like Montreal Marathon, Tour de l'ile de Montreal, Red Nose Operation around Christmas and New Year as a dispatcher in the control room and for 10 years, in the Hot Air Balloon Festival in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

My interest is in electronics repair and experiment, computers rebuild, and of course radio communications.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would confirm our contact on each QSO we make to QRZ, LoTWeQSL, HamQTH, HRDLogbook and ClubLog automatically, as a courtesy to each station I contact and I expect the same courtesy from you.

Best 73's and hope to make QSO with you soon .....


Here is very interesting reading for every Amateur Radio Operator ......  

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