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Hi All,

           I am NOT a member of the BURO, so please

do not send any QSL cards via Buro, please send

them direct to my address, I return QSL 100%, any cards

I receive from you.


 I have held a few callsigns over the years (almost 40 years).

Some of these callsigns show up in this logbook, so if you have

any returned QSL cards for these callsigns and dates, could you

please forward them to my current mailing address and I will

respond to all cards I receive 100%.


Callsigns I currently hold are:-

2006 - Current -  VK3ACE

2013 - Current - VK3MW


Old callsigns held were:-

1976 - 1982 - VK3VJO

1982 - 2006 - VK3KGH

2013 (few Months) - VK3SJ


Thanking you

Geoff Haynes - VK3ACE

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