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VU2DED's page


B-73, Nivedita Kunj, Sector-10 R K Puram
New Delhi - 110022

QSL via:
eQsl, LOTW, QRZ    

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                 I normally prefer online logging.  I use HRDLog, ARRLs LOTW, and e-QSL. I also frequently upload my QSOs to ClubLog and some other similar Ham radio sites. You can find my authenticated e-QSL card immediately after the QSO at You can also access my instant QSL online at . I am happy with e-QSL. Therefore please DO NOT send Paper QSL card via the bureau or direct. If you don?t have access to above modes of electronic QSL, I can send the QSL card to you via email, please email your request, if you need one.   

About Me:

                I was very much interested in Electronics since my school time. I use to homebrew a lot off radio receivers, toy transmitters, battery eliminators and science models for my school competitions. By the time I was doing my engineering degree, ham radio turned more fascinating and I took up my exam and got my first call sign as VU2DGX in 1986, later I got the advance Gr. ham License, Call sign VU2DED. Homebrewing was compulsion those days as it was very difficult to get commercially built equipments. I build my most ambitious project which was a SSB/CW 40, 20 & 15 Meter trainband transreceiver with 807 vacuum tubes in the final of the Tx PA. I enjoyed this equipment a lot specially in the peak sun activities in the year 1990, along with my homebrewed 2 element quad. Later on I also used commercial ham equipments spatially for digital modes. Incidentally my hobby and profession are same and I work as an engineer with world's largest TV Broadcaster-Doordarshan India. The very best part of this hobby is the PEOPLE you meet and the long time close friendships that develop as a result of the common interest in Amateur Radio. It is no surprise that most of my best friends are Ham radio operators. There is no question in my mind that this is one of the best hobbies in the world. Ham Radio to me has been a very interesting learning experience.

Working condition: ICOM IC-7300 /707/Yaesu FT-757 with FC-700 Tuner and Homebrew multiband Dipole Antenna.

73, Ajaya            

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